Monday, February 15, 2010

Thomas Laerke (Findlay Prep) Highlights and Interview with Daniel Poneman at City of Palms

Thomas Laerke, a native of Denmark, is the newest member of the Findlay Prep Pilots. Findlay Prep is a school in Henerson, Nevada that is designed for the best and brightest young basketball players in the world to have the opportunity to play for an elite, around the clock, college style program to better prepare them for their respective NCAA futures. Laerke joins a team that is absolutely loaded with talent from top to bottom; some of the top players on the team are Tristan Thomson (Texas recruit), Cory Joseph (top 10 in the nation), Nick Johnson (top 20 in the nation), and Winston Shepard (top 10 in the nation). I got a chance to watch Laerke in action in his first tournament with the Pilots, the prestigious City of Palms Holiday Tournament, and he put on quite a show. In two of his three games at the event he poured in 17 points per, and he caught the attention of the many college scouts and recruiting analysts in the building with his outstanding play. A long range marksmen, Laerke has gone from having only one college suitor (Idaho) to having tons of schools from across the country vying for his services, and the list is only going to keep on growing.... For more info email

Orr vs. Hyde Park- CPS Playoff Highlights- Fabyon Harris, Mycheal Henry, CJ Jones, Treyshawn Jones

Everyone high school athlete wants to win a state title; this much is obvious. For many young men in the city of Chicago, however, there is one crown that is in many ways more desirable: the Chicago Public League City Championship. Chicago is a big city, and basketball is far more than just a game from Lake Michigan to the West side- from the Evanston border to the wild 100's. At the end of the season there can only be one champion; only one team who can truly claim to be the best Chi-town has to offer, and many young Chicagoans are ready to give every once of effort they've got for the chance to make that claim. The game featured in this video, a match-up between Orr (west side) and Hyde Park (south side), was a hard fought and tightly contested game that featured no fewer than four future division one players, and they were only playing to get to the quarterfinals! Fabyon Harris vs. Mycheal Henry, Curtis Jones vs. Treyshawn Jones: a battle for the ages... Enjoy... For more info email


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