Friday, February 12, 2010

Vincent "Air Boy Entertainment" Garrett: Dunks, Blocks, and an Interview with Dan Poneman

Vincent Garrett is the best dunker in the city of Chicago; I think at this point that's indisputable. In this video though, he states on camera that he feels he is the best dunker in America, and it's hard to argue with his claim after you see the footage of some of the dunks he threw down at the MLK classic. Vincent isn't all flash and highlights though; the kid has worked hard and made his way from unpolished, raw athlete to a versatile and dynamic combo forward in no time flat. Garrett has the Marshall Commandos on a roll, and if he takes care of business this week they will roll right to the city championship on the shoulders of "Air Boy Entertainment." A baller on the court- Vince knows how to handle himself off it too; he is smooth, charismatic, and always goofy. He will probably be attending junior college next year, but chances he will have high major options after he has done his two years, and be dunking on fools in the NCAA tourney in no time... For more info email

Mike McCall- "Chi-City's Silent Killer" - St. Louis Recruit Clips & Chat with Dan Poneman

Mike McCall has been a presence on the Chicago basketball scene for as far back as my memory goes; from throwing down on the AAU circuit on the Illinois Heat to starting as a freshman on varsity for Foreman, there was never any doubt Mike could play. Yeah, Mike was always there alright, but it wasn't until this past year- when he helped lead Foreman to a surprise run to the championship game of the CPS Holiday tournament- that people stopped just watching and started paying attention. See, Mike has never been alone in the backcourt, which in many ways was a blessing and a curse. Every step of the way Mike was side by side with his friend (his "brother") Lavonte Dority. Lavonte - who will play in the Big East next year at South Florida- was always the one with the brightest spotlight on him, the one getting the newspaper headlines and internet buzz, well Mike was stuck being labeled Robin to Lavonte's Batman. Now don't get me wrong, Mike didn't mind his role- he loves his brother and is as humble and appreciative kid as can be- but that didn't mean he was going to sit back and be second fiddle forever. With nothing but heart and desire driving him, Mike worked and worked until he made it clear to the world that he was ready to change his title from sidekick to partner, and since then he has continued his steady ascent to the top of the city hierarchy and into the national rankings. Mike and Lavonte (as well as Eastern Illinois recruit Tommy Woolridge) team up to form arguably the best backcourt in the state, and undoubtedly among the most dominant in the entire midwest. With Mike's lethal outside shot and quickness, Lavonte's strength, explosiveness, and basketball IQ, and the magnificent chemistry that they have formed over the past six years, the Foreman Hornets are legitimate state title contenders- and the newspapers currently rank them as the #2 team in the Chicagoland area. McCall, who Foreman coach Terry Head has labeled "The Silent Killer," because of his deadly scoring ability and humble and focused demeanor, has gone from overlooked kid in the shadows to legitimate candidate for Illinois Mr. Basketball, and in this interview we discuss everything about his journey. There are also some highlight clips mixed in so you can see what Mr. McCall is made of. Enjoy.


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