Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thomas "Tommy" Hamilton Jr - 6'9" 2013 - Ultimate Basketball Highlight Mixtape

There is no comparison for Tommy Hamilton- for a freshman in high school his upside is unprecedented. Standing six foot nine and weighing in at 240 pounds- with a polished post game, the court vision of a point guard, and a silky three point stroke- young Thomas possesses a unique blend of size and skills that only comes around once in a generation... or maybe less often than that. He was recently named one of's 15 freshman to watch; and even without having seen the others play, a lot of people in Chicago are convinced that the top spot is his to lose. He is a part of a Mac Irvin Fire AAU family that includes five-star 2011 prospects Wayne Blackshear, Mike Shaw, and Sam Thompson, and any one of them would gladly tell you that Tommy is better than they were at that age... much better... and he is only beginning to scratch the surface of what he may one day become. His upside is so tremendous that it's almost hard to believe, just like it's sometimes hard to believe when you're around him that the Giant standing in front of you has a brain in his head that's only fifteen years old- he has a presence about him that makes it seem like he's been through it all before. Maybe it's because, in a way, he has. His father, Thomas Sr, was the last chosen one- seven foot three with that oh-so-familiar stroke from the three point arc, but they say he just didn't have the mental strength and focus necessary to fulfill his vast potential. Maybe that's why Tommy's here- and why he seems so sure of it all. Because maybe, just maybe, he knew long before the rest of us could see it so crystal clearly- that it was his destiny to show us all what could've been, and maybe- just maybe- he's well on his way to achieving much, much more...


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