Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quinton Chievous (Niles Notre Dame 2011) The ESCC's Super Sleeper- Ready to Awake

I had heard all the rumblings over the past few months about some kid with an NBA dad in the north burbs that had a little bit of game, but I had already seen the kid with my own two eyes- sitting on the bench for the Mac Irvin Fire- so I wasn't ready to buy into the hype just yet. I talked to people in the know, asked their opinion, and it was pretty consistent: the kid has serious game- just go see for yourself. So thats what I did, I went and watched him play a game against Lincoln Park- a tough senior led squad from Chicago's north side, and all I can say is I got my money's worth and then some. Quinton Chievious (6'5" SF) poured in 23 points in the second half and overtime, and scored his points in a variety of ways, often while facing double and triple teams. This kid is not all hype- no way jose- his game is almost as real as his bloodline (his dad Derrick was a star at Missouri and played 5 years in the league), and he is stock will only keep on rising. Watch out for the sleeper in the ESCC, because before long he's going to be dunking on you, just don't say I didn't warn you... For more info email DanielPoneman@gmail.com


  1. Hey Dan. Wes Koral of the class of 2011 of Joliet Catholic put up 25 points on Chievous this year when he was guarded by him and had the ND lead down to 1 with a minute to go, losing by 3. You want a sleeper, Koral is a 6'3" two guard with a 40 inch vertical and great ballhandling and scoring skills. He's getting looks from various D1's including Davidson, Elon, Loyola Chicago...and tons of D2s. Where all you scouts at when kids are right under your nose????

  2. plus Koral was 6th in scoring in the ESCC this year. How could he be unknown???

  3. @Jermane I was @ that game Mr. Koral got his points when Q was sitting on the bench cause they had a large lead..Chievous was second in scoring in the ESCC.. tied for 1st in reb....He only been playing organized ball for 2yrs...If that's not a sleeper give me a new definition...

  4. I saw the game too. I'm the video tech at JCA and taped the game. I tape all of the basketball games. Quentin played most of the game and guarded Wes the majority of the game as he brought JCA back to within 1 point with 2 minutes to go. Q scored 26 and Wes scored 25. Q put up the majority of NDs shots and Wes according to our stats guy put up only 15 shots to get his 25. My friend at ND says Q averages over 25 shots per game! That's alot. If Wes took that many, he's average 30+ per game as he shoots over 58% this past year.

    How could a kid with a dad that was a midwest college All American and and NBA star fly under the radar? You'd have to say that about Tommie Hamilton and Jabari Parker too. Q's very good, but you can't ignore other guys that are being recruited by D-1s? Seems kinda silly to me? How does someone like Wes end up under the radar?

  5. @ Anonymous..U must have forgot about Shawn wallace..No way Q average 25 shots a game...try 13(fact)Also remember Wes Koral has been playing BBAll (organized)for more than 2yrs...Bottom line Mr. Koral performance will continue to get overlooked until his school wins some games..Just a Fact....Still like him as a player...

  6. D...m! Heard Koral transferred to Wheaton Academy for his senior year! Ouch. We video techs the last to know!

    Tamilynn, you probably right. He won't get noticed till his team wins. That's probably why he transferred. I figured that would happen to us. He's a 6'3" two guard playing the 4 spot. Only thing I know about WA is that they have a really good 6'8" kid. Good luck to him. We toast this year.

    I like Quinton too!

  7. Nice article on Wes Koral in Chicago Sun Times from July 13, 2010. Looks like he moved schools to get noticed. Smart move on his part:


  8. These are two great players to watch!



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